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Counter-Islamist Director Kyle Shideler was on Middle East Forum’s Sentry Radio with Gregg Roman, talking about how Islamist networks influence local communities and what we can do about it. Listen here.

CIG Director Kyle Shideler was quoted in a recent piece by the Conservative Review, looking at New York-based Islamist Linda Sarsour’s increasingly public reputation for antisemitism and Islamist rhetoric: Kyle Shideler, director of the Counter-Islamist Grid, an initiative of the Middle East Forum, spoke to Conservative Review about Sarsour’s activism. “Linda Sarsour’s antisemitism and support […]

“For the average American, what really hits home is what happens at the local level: at the county council meetings, on the school boards, and in their neighborhood churches, synagogues and mosques,” said Kyle Shideler, who will be leading the Counter-Islamism Grid.