Linda Sarsour, unfazed by new anti-Semitism charges, will keynote radical Islamist gathering

CIG Director Kyle Shideler was quoted in a recent piece by the Conservative Review, looking at New York-based Islamist Linda Sarsour’s increasingly public reputation for antisemitism and Islamist rhetoric:

Kyle Shideler, director of the Counter-Islamist Grid, an initiative of the Middle East Forum, spoke to Conservative Review about Sarsour’s activism. “Linda Sarsour’s antisemitism and support for Islamist causes have never been more apparent. Her relationships with progressive groups have exploded thanks to her role in hijacking the Women’s March, and her Islamist ties have been outed not just in niche media, but in mainstream and even international publications,” Shideler tells CR. “That MAS-ICNA still wants her to speak is a reminder that they are a group founded by Islamists for Islamists. Groups that align with them do so at their own peril.”

Read the whole piece at Conservative Review.

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