Islamist expert: Casten, Grasso Should Be Held Accountable for Validating Center That Hosts Promoters of Hate

The Dupage Policy Journal reports on the recent article from Chicago CIG Associate Hesham Shehab, regarding local officials attending a mosque with a history of extremism:

“State Rep. Sean Casten (D-Downers Grove), Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso and other local officials need to be held accountable by voters over their recent visits to a Muslim center that hosts Islamist leaders who preach hate against Jewish people and war against the United States, according to a Chicago official with the Counter-Islamist Grid (CIG).

Writing in American Thinker, Hesham Shehab of CIG, said that Casten, Grasso and others who recently visited the Muslim Educational Cultural Center of America (Mecca) in Willowbrook were “duped” by a message of understanding and cultural exchange from the center. Mecca, wrote Shehab, remains under the influence of its Islamist founders and leaders. (Islamism is not an expression of Muslim faith, but a political ideology, according to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.)”

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