CIG Director Kyle Shideler cited as Senate Candidate attends CAIR Kentucky Fundraiser

The Washington Free Beacon cited Counter-Islamist Grid Director Kyle Shideler in a story about Senate Candidate Amy McGrath, attending a fundraising dinner for CAIR Kentucky:

Kyle Shideler, an expert on Muslim extremist groups operating in the United States, called it an especially “bad look” for McGrath to participate in the CAIR event given her experience overseas fighting extremist groups like Hamas.

“The decision by elected officials and candidates to attend CAIR’s fundraising banquets is always a bad look, but especially so for candidates whose experience in fighting terrorism overseas is a major part of their resume for public office,” Shideler said.

“CAIR has an extensive history of support for terrorism, documented by the FBI and Department of Justice officials, and even designated by the United Arab Emirates,” Shideler said. “Multiple CAIR employees have been indicted, arrested, and convicted on terrorism-related charges.”

“All of this information is readily available to any candidate willing to do even a modicum of due diligence,” he said…

Shideler says CAIR regularly promotes speakers who are not only anti-Semitic but also have taken other illiberal positions, such as calling homosexuality a “disease” and a “quick way to earn God’s wrath.”

“It remains disappointing that candidates, and particularly progressive candidates are willing to ignore CAIR’s ideological support for Islamism, and their routine endorsement of speakers who promote anti-Semitic, anti-homosexual, and misogynistic material,” Shideler said.

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