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This Article Originally Appeared at The College Fix. OPINION: Qatar’s prospects across American universities are hardly innocuous and come loaded with a deeper agenda Over the past few years, CU Denver has published a number of articles describing in detail the growing and deepening relationship with the state of Qatar. One article from 2017, which appeared in CU Denver […]

This article originally appeared in Areo Magazine. At this year’s Western Conservative Summit in Denver, John Andrews, former Colorado senator and founder of the Centennial Institute, reignited the discussion of Islamism in Muslim-American communities. Many local publications, local Muslim leaders and prominent Islamic organizations have condemned Andrews’ words as Islamophobic. However, Andrews was careful to distinguish Islam, a […]

Last weekend, the Radisson Hotel in Aurora, CO hosted an event called “Take a Stand Against Hunger in the Horn of Africa.” The event was sponsored by the Texas-based Amoud Foundation, and featured as guest speakers Islamic scholar Yasir Qadhi and Islamic motivational speaker Abdulraouf Alkhawaldeh. Many present at the event, however, may have come away […]

A Denver imam warns his followers against voting unless it is done in order to further Islamist goals.

Former Denver Bronco Ryan Harris legitimates the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group with a long history of hateful rhetoric and ties to extremism.