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This is an extended version of an article which originally appeared at PJ Media, now featuring additional photographs and expanded interviews with participants  Halloween ended two days prior, but on the evening of November 2, 2019, plenty of monsters and heroes walked about the Anaheim Hilton, just across the street from Disneyland. Two big events […]

This article was originally published in the American Thinker Movita Johnson-Harrell seemed to take pride in her position as the first Muslim woman elected to the Pennsylvania State Legislature. Now that record will forever have an asterisk next to it as Johnson-Harrell has turned herself in to Pennsylvania  Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s Office, pleading guilty […]

This article originally appeared in the Illinois Review under the title, “Linda Sarsour and Others Push Anti-semitism, Conspiracy Theories at Chicago Palestinian Convention.“ The former “Women’s March” leader who once called for a “jihad” against Donald Trump is back in the news, following leaked video of her diatribe against Israel as a “Jewish Supremacist” state. Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian American […]

CIG Director Kyle Shideler speaks with Tom Trento on 1470 AM/95.3 FM WWNN, about his recent article on the meeting between Islamist groups and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. (Interview begins approximately at 10:34 minutes and ends at approximately 30:44 minutes.)

CIG Director Kyle Shideler was recently a guest on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, where he discussed his recent article on Islamist group’s meeting with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

This article originally appeared at Inside Sources under the title, “Sarsour and Duke: Kindred Spirits of the Worst Kind” Despite claiming to be a self-described opponent of  “white supremacy” and liberal social justice champion, prominent Islamist activist Linda Sarsour’s recent comments about Jews are identical to the sentiments promoted by white supremacist David Duke in […]

This article originally appeared at Foreign Policy News as Does “Stand with Kashmir” Really Stand with Kashmir? Stand with Kashmir, or the SWK, is a newly launched non-profit group that allegedly advocates for the self-determination of the Kashmiri people. It makes a compelling and emotional plea for Kashmiri autonomy and details what it says are India’s […]

This article originally appeared at The Federalist under the title, “Pelosi Meets with Islamist Groups About Overturning “Muslim Ban”, Impeaching Trump” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took time out during the House’s ongoing impeachment effort to meet with a group of Muslim activists. The activists were seeking support for legislation to oppose the president’s executive order […]

This article was originally published at Xpian.com, a Chicago-based news site the focusing on local and religious news.  A Palestinian American activist with a history of ties to groups linked to terror recently used a platform at a radical Chicago-area Mosque to promote antisemitism and conspiracy theories among Arab-Americans. Khalid Turaani, who serves as regional […]

There has been a growing effort by Islamist activists to convince their followers of a connection between American border security and the situation in Gaza. Last weekend Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Linda Sarsour gave fiery speeches condemning the U.S. and Israel for their “white supremacy” and declaring the “interconnected” nature of the “oppression” in […]

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